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Why Do Truck Accidents Often Result in Severe Injuries?

Video Transcript

The number one reason truck accidents result in severe injuries is that 18-wheelers are large, heavy vehicles, often with very significant loads as well as hazardous materials. Their ability to stop and their ability to maneuver is severely hampered by the sheer weight and volume of the truck or the tractor trailer. If you are in a car and you’re involved in an accident with a truck, the chances of you getting hurt quite severely are significantly increased. Truck accidents result in significant injuries, even when the tractor-trailer is not moving fast in comparison to other cars on the road. A second reason is the limiting stopping distance. The ability to bring their vehicle to a stop to avoid an accident is severely limited by the sheer size and volume and weight of these trucks. Finally, the maneuverability of these trucks is less than a car – you can’t go from one lane to the other very easily. If you’re the unfortunate victim of a tractor, trailer or an 18-wheeler type accident, please contact us right away.